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Big changes


Before starting Dr. Easley’s HCG program I weighed 345 pounds and had a regular blood pressure of 170 or 180 over 110 and was on medication to combat that.  I have since lost almost 100 pounds; I now maintain a steady weight that stays around 255 to 265. Not only did Dr. Easley’s plan change my body it also changed my mind set about food.  I realized how much I was actually eating everyday and when and what  I was eating.  Since doing the diet program I no longer snack throughout the day.  I only eat when I am hungry and I make smarter decisions about what I want to eat.  I have not had any soda in almost a year.  I have also completely cut out fast food and only have fried food as a treat a couple times a month.  Dr. Easley’s program effectively took the emotion out of eating for me and allowed me to see where I had gone wrong in the past.  By following his program I was able to see where I would be able to make changes that would help me to continue being healthy after the 40 days of the program.

Dr Easley has taken the guess work out of following the HCG diet.  I followed his instructions to the T when I have done the diet and I would say that the results speak for themselves.  For me the best result has not just been the weight loss, but the way that the weight loss has transformed my life, and my lifestyle.  I have more energy to keep up with my son, more energy to work out every day.   And I use that drive to maintain the gains that I made with Dr. Easley’s help.  My clothes fit better;   I am able to wear items again that have been in the back of my closet since I graduated college.  I am off the blood pressure medication, and have a normal 120 over 80 reading when I check myself.  I feel better about myself when I go out with my family and for the first time in years I don’t mind being in pictures, and I don’t cringe when I look at pictures from family functions. 

I am so thankful that I found Dr. Easley and his HCG weight loss program, as I said it has changed my life and has given me the success and the drive to continue that success in living a healthy lifestyle.

Nolan S.


Well Done!


I joined Dr. Easley’s HCG diet program in August 2014.  At the time I weighed in at 150 lbs and my waist was 35.5 inches around.  I had tried many other diet programs but I couldn’t find one that helped me take control of my portions and overall food choices.  When I found out about the HCG program I was reluctant at first but it was the only program I found that was supervised by physicians.  Taking the daily shots was easy and virtually painless and Dr. Easley provided me with a list of foods I could eat during the entire program.  I stuck with the program and didn’t deviate from it at all.  I worked out regularly before the program so I continued to do mild to moderate exercise during the program.  By the end of the 40 day program my weight had dropped to 135 lbs and my waist was 28 inches around.  I fit into clothes I haven’t worn in years and I feel great!  Thank you Dr. Easley and Northland Integrated Medical!! 

The first picture is my before picture and the second ‘opera’ picture was taken Friday last week at the Kauffman Performing Arts Center.

Thanks again!



Stunning Results!


Envision working out intensively every day, sometimes two times per day with almost zero result.  A TON of effort with little must be because I am over thirty...right?  Nope!! 

After adhering to the HCG diet for 38 days, I lost a total of 9.5 inches and 22.6 lbs.  Inches and pounds in those places that you work and work to get rid of but are never able for some reason (e.g., under bra fat).  I fit comfortably in ALL of my clothes, even my size 2 jeans, although I would say that I am probably a size 2-4.  I am now on day 9 of the stabilization phase and having followed the instructions to the letter; I have not had any fluctuation passed the 2 lb threshold.  Many of my clothes are now too big and I definitely need new bras.  Thanks to the extreme patience of Dr. Easley (as I contacted him numerous times each day to ensure that I was following protocol, to ask him the silliest questions imaginable and sometimes even for moral support, thinking of  time my friend made homemade flan with blackberries and I wanted some so badly....) Dr. Easley is the most available, patient, and knowledgeable person to support you when you go through this journey called HCG, which is absolutely worth it.  I plan to use this approach, along with Dr. Easley, any time I may need maintenance in the future.

Here are the pictures Shannon allowed us to use with her testimonial....fantastic progress and she should be very proud of how she did. In my opinion, any woman who does this well on the program deserves to spend a little money on a new "little black dress"!
Well done Shannon, and thank you for letting us show off your results!
-Dr. Easley 

When Dr Easley really made a difference!

Oh to not have grey hair again!

More Success Stories!


 Dr. Easley's story....March 2014

***August 19th, 2015***
An Update about Dr. Easley's success..... I have now completed the Tough Mudder TWICE, begun exercising more rigorously, and now you will be able to watch me compete on Cable TV on the 3Gun Nation Pro Series via the Sportsman Channel this fall. I'm excited about this opportunity, and ready to see how I square up with the best in the nation. Without a doubt, losing the weight was the first and biggest step in me returning to some competitive potential I had lost. If you have a twitter account, you can download the MeerKat app for your smart phone, and watch the match happen PRE-air date by following @3GunNation on twitter and Meerkat. ***

With all of the success we have had in the office over the last 3 years, I am expecting several new testimonials to come about before too long, and will do my best to upload them to the website as they come.

For now tho, as the owner of the business, I would like to share my OWN success story on the program.

While having 3 kids in the last 5 or so years, starting up 2 small businesses, and so forth...I have put weight on and found myself at 276.6lbs on January 4th of 2014. My wife and I, along with my mother, decided we had had enough and we were going to do TWO back to back cycles of the HCG without visiting a single restaurant, or having a single cheat day!

This morning, Friday March 14th, 2014, I weighed in at 206.4lbs for a total of 70.2lbs of weight loss in 70 days. I wanted to update some pictures that I took during this process, along with a picture from the end of the 2013 September Tough Mudder that was taken after months of effort in the gym. The pictures will be in chronological order below. You can also visit youtube and SEE the video progress yourself at the bottom of this page, or.... 


Getting a solid start is important!


Better late than never.

July 23, 2015 -  1st day full feed weighed 198.8 on my scale.

August 2, 2015 -  10th day restrictive eating 187.8 on my scale.


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