Maintaining Weight Loss

Short Term

Many will come off the program and jump back into bad habits, breaking the good habits they have created while working with us. We recommend continuing the diet program, in double portions, for 2-3 weeks post diet, to solidify those good habits without the aid of medication.

Long Term

 We want to see less of you......more often, but in the produce section at the supermarket instead of our office! For long term weight management, diet is 90-95% of the importance, and exercise 5-10%! Adding, or increasing, regular exercise in your life is fantastic for your health. You cannot outwork a bad diet. You've been given tools and guidance to lose weight, now is a great time to show you can eat/be healthy long term! 

Things do happen!

Everyone stumbles from time to time....we get it. We are here for you if you need help to get back on track!