You've lost a large chunk of weight..... CONGRATS!!!

Now it's time to KEEP it off.
Kansas City 's Lowest Cost HCG Medical Weightloss Program

After you've lost weight...

Post Diet Care:

The number one question we commonly see with patients nearly completion of their program is "How do I keep the weight off?"

Well, here's the reality: Many of us who have put weight on, did so over a longer period of time by developing bad habits, not working out, and accepting negative changes to our body as they came along. Most knew, or now know, that simply losing weight removes a lot of pain from our joints as well.

You've just spent 40-80 days with us, lost a sizable amount of weight and size, BUT you have also eaten CLEAN and on a SCHEDULE. You have successfully removed items like Soda, and large amounts of refined sugars from your diet for more than a month. These are new habits you have developed, and shown yourself that you can do. Continue them!

You've been given a schedule, a list of healthy foods and supplements, and you have instilled better habits within your life. Add in healthy fats and complex carbohydrates slowly, and in healthy proportions.  

For the majority of our patients, simply maintaining a healthier diet than they had prior to starting the HCG Medical Weight Loss Program, will be sufficient in keeping weight off in the future.

For some of our patients, the extreme weight loss experienced with the HCG Medical Weight Loss Program is a catalyst, or springboard, into their new and more active lifestyle. The weight lost removed pressure on joints, especially the knees and lower back, and allows these patients to start into exercise programs, whereas they would likely get hurt jumping in before.*

*We always recommend seeking the advice of a personal trainer, and slowly increasing the intensity of exercise, while taking prior injuries into account to avoid injuries that could result in setbacks.

Are you ready to lose weight and be among the people choosing to get back to exercising, tightening, and toning? 

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