Here is where we explain the nitty gritty details about the program. COST, how many days the program is,.....if there is something here that does not answer your questions, contact us and let's get those questions answered!
Kansas City 's Lowest Cost HCG Medical Weightloss Program

HCG Protocol 

Women: 38 lbs
Men: 62 lbs

Our HCG Medical Weightloss Program is 40 days short.
A very easy time period for anyone to follow a diet program.

Weight loss ranges for men have been from 20-62 lbs in a single cycle, and women have lost 18, to as much as 37 lbs in the same time period! One female patient has reported losing 2" on her waist, 3" on her hips, and 1" on each the FIRST WEEK!

We have had patients who have had Diabetes, Thyroid issues, and more. We have not had side effects more serious than a headache from caffeine withdrawals, or a false positive on a pregnancy test due to HCG being in your system.

Here is a step-by-step layout of how our Program works:

Every Patient sits down with the owner of Northland Integrated Medical and discusses their situation, their understanding of the program, and their committment to meeting their weightloss goals. If the patient decides this is not the program for them, or the Medical Staff feels that there is a health risk that would keep the patient from doing our program, there is NO expense to the patient who cannot do the program!

Every patient MUST have a Medical Examination with our Medical Physician. If that Medical Physician determines the patient is applicable, a prescription (Rx) will be written for the HCG and our Weightloss Program.

Once the prescription is written, the patient comes to the front desk, paperwork is all confirmed so that the medication can be shipped directly to the patient, the patient is given a packet of supplies to take with them, and they are able to start as soon as everything is received. The staff will discuss instructions on weighing in and will give the patient information on how to be successful on the program.

The first two days of the program are what we refer to as "fat loading days." In these days we do not ask you to overeat, but we do request patients eat foods higher in fats and carbs. These days are crucial to the program, and patients who try to skip these days have a tendency to lose less weight and report being hungry throughout the program. Don't worry, the fats and carbs taken in during these days will NOT stick, and most patients will their most weight during the first week!

Days 3-40, patients follow a strict diet plan, and have a tendency to lose from 1/2 - 2 pounds per day.

Our cost for the program?   The low price of $280! (October 1st, the price will change to $300 due to increases in expenses)  That charge INCLUDES the examination with our in office with Medical Staff, Rx injectable medication drop shipped to your home from the pharmacy, diabetic syringes, consult, and program guide with food guide. There is no longer a reason to delay getting started!

We do have MIC B-Complex injections that can be drop shipped with your medication as well. Feel free to ask about those items, and their benefits when you call in, or during your consult. 

We have detailed instructions on how to mix, draw, and administer the medication, included with each patient's packet. For convenience, we also have a youtube video showing a step by step process of the same.

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